Participation on AgroKos – Food and Agribusiness Fair

From 20th to 22nd October was the opening of the AgroKos Fair, organized by CEO in Prishtina/Pristina.

In the Fair participated also the beneficiaries of the project “South Kosovo Agriculture Economic Development” which are: F&V Collection Point “Agrocelina” and Agriculture Cooperative “Nektar”. The project is implemented by NGO IPSIA with co-applicant Farmer Association NGO Anadrini and Municipality of Mamusha/Mamuşa/Mamuša, an EU funded project managed by the European Union Office in Kosovo.

In these three days of fair, the collection point “Agrocelina” promoted their new varieties of peppers and the new product which is cut peppers and frozen. Agriculture Cooperative “Nektar” presented their products such as pickles of cucumbers, peppers, pepperoni, cabbage and ajvar. Visitors were very interested for the products, their origin and possibility of visiting them in Mamusha/Mamuşa/Mamuša and Xërxe/Zrze.

Lead applicant: IPSIA – Istituto Pace Sviluppo Innovazione Acli
Funded: An EU funded project managed by European Union Office in Kosovo

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