Exchange visit in Macedonia

On 06.10.2016 was organized another exchange visit for farmers within the project “SKAED – South Kosovo Agriculture Economic Development”, an EU funded project managed by the European Union Office in Kosovo.

We started the first visit with the Agrofructus Collection Point in Strumica. They were established in 2011 in Strumica. The CP Agrofructus is one of the biggest factory in Balkan. They buy, sell and storage the fresh fruits and vegetables. They have around 16 deep freezes from -5 degrees up to -40 degrees. They export in Croatia, Albania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Russia etc.

The visit was very helpful for the staff members of CP Agrocelina and AC Nektar where they have created a new working contract for next season.

On 07.10.2016 – we visited the EvroMak Company in Strumica. They are founded in 2000 as an import-export company for fruits and vegetables. They export in Bulgaria, Russia and the exSoviet Unions countries.

They do not have any working contract with the Kosovo Collection Points, but now they created working relations for establishing any working contracts for next season.

Lead applicant: IPSIA – Istituto Pace Sviluppo Innovazione Acli
Funded: An EU funded project managed by European Union Office in Kosovo



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